A short, guided tour of Marrakech!


Marrakech is widely known for its rich history and the fact that it’s the 4th largest city in Morocco. A lot of people like Marrakech because aside from its incredible vistas and markets, it also has some of the top handcrafted products out there. Also known as the red city for the great red coloring stemming from the city streets and houses, Marrakech also has a plethora of tourists coming in from all over the world, and it’s easy to see why.

Things to know about Marrakech

Marrakech has been around for close to 1000 years now, since it was founded in 1070 by the Emir Abu Bakr ibn Umar. Over the years, Marrakech started to thrive and the fact that it’s close to the Atlas Mountains certainly brought it a lot of incredible appeal and interesting features. Unlike other cities in Morocco, Marrakech actually features over 180000 palm trees and 130000 hectares of greenery. That makes it a literal oasis in a region where you won’t always find a lot of water.

Another thing to note here are the city’s gardens, which are filled with lots of native plants. Some of these are rose bushes, pines, philodendrons, but also banana trees, palm trees, yuccas and also papyrus or bamboos. Marrakech is also a place where you can find edible cactus plants in various different flavors. So there’s definitely a lot to see and unpack here.

Marrakech is very well connected since it has a railway station, but also the Menara International Airport. It also has multiple schools and universities, it even features its own local team. Add to that the fact that their Marrakech Street Circuit hosts the Auto GP, FIA F2 races and AUTO GP, then you can see how many cool and amazing events are taking place here. You can also add to that the fact that crafts employ a large amount of the population.

The cool thing is that you can also find a lot of these crafts online. Many of the craftsmen and people with a lot of tradition within this industry have worked very hard to transition their work and products to the online world. Which is great, because it means everyone is able to access these extraordinary crafts and local products in an exciting way, and that alone can make a massive difference for them!

What makes the products made in Marrakech unique?

Each product made in Marrakech is created using high quality materials and that on its own truly makes these items stand out of the crowd. The Moroccan Kaftan is a prime example, since this is known for being worn by a lot of people from all over the region. Designers are using the classic embroidery with flower designs, and they also add all kinds of wide, colorful trims.

The kaftan is also made using some of the best types of fabric here, ranging from silk to brocade, velvet satin, but also Kashmir too. It’s great because these are top of the line fabrics, and you can easily see the outstanding results you get to have from these amazing craftsmen. When you have so many high quality fabrics, it’s safe to say that the end result is second to none, and you totally have to give it a try for yourself.

Clothing products have been traditionally important for people in Marrakech and Morocco as a whole. It’s easy to see why, because there is a specific Moroccan style that people from all over the world recognize. And unlike many other fashion products out there, the ones in Marrakech and Morocco are handmade. That further adds not only to their rarity, but also speaks volumes about the quality of these products that you can access here. It really is an exceptional and unique experience, something that you certainly do not want to miss.

Wooden products

Wooden products are some of the best handmade products in Marrakech. The local carpenters in particular are widely known for the fact that they create outstanding wooden objects. A very important point to note is that local carpenters tend to add nature patters in their products. In fact, the cedar and walnut ceramic is very popular in the region, and a lot of tourists enjoy and buy it too.

There are plenty of examples featuring handmade products, like the bowl tile dish. These items look amazing, and they truly convey a sense of exceptional value and quality. It truly manages to stand out of the crowd, and you will be amazed with the value and quality. Add to that the fact that you can find limited, unique collections and you can see why a lot of people like these.

Moroccan rugs

At first, the Moroccan rugs were seen as a piece of heritage for women. It allowed them to express their ideas and emotions. It’s a very interesting idea and something that you want to pursue and check out. Which is exactly why it makes a lot of sense to browse the Moroccan rugs, because those are incredibly interesting, visually astounding, and you also get to see the incredible craftsmanship provided here.

I hope that you enjoyed our quick tour of Marrakech and all the incredible things that you can find here. Marrakech is a great location for anyone that loves history, and at the same time this is also one of the top places in the world to find talented craftsmen. It’s an amazing opportunity and something that you do not want to miss. Rest assured that giving Marrakech a try is a great idea not only for its great locations, but also for its extraordinary handmade world, since there are some incredible handmade items for you to check out!